At APA Total Car Care, our professionals are here to help with all of your cooling system repair and service needs. Our certified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles, including import and European. We can address any issue that you may be experiencing.

The cooling system is crucial to the health of your engine. As soon as you notice that something isn’t right, don’t hesitate to stop by our shop.

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How Cooling Systems Work

The engine emits heat as you drive, which must be controlled to prevent overheating. The cooling system helps keep the engine temperature down and keeps components cool. Thus, it prevents engine damage from heat.

In most cases, the key symptom of a cooling system issue is overheating. However, if the coolant leaks out, the temperature sender does not have antifreeze to measure the temperature. Your vehicle will read as though it is not overheating.

The water pump pumps water through the radiator via various hoses throughout the engine. The fans (electric or manual) help the radiator keep the coolant to about 195 degrees.

If the coolant is too cold, the thermostat closes so the water cannot circulate through the radiator. The thermostat opens when the temperature reaches about 195. This allows the water pump to pump water through the cooling system (including the radiator) to cool it off.

Another symptom of a cooling system issue is when you can smell the sweet smell of hot antifreeze. If you smell antifreeze, the cooling system is leaking somewhere. A mechanic at APA Total Car Care can locate and repair such a leak.

Cooling System Repair

Sometimes cooling system problems are challenging to locate. Other times, the problem is easy.

For example, it’s pretty evident if the radiator or the top radiator hose is leaking. Most vehicles have these items positioned where everyone can see them.

Other leaks are more difficult to find, especially a tiny leak that “travels” from the leak point along a hose or the frame. It makes it appear like the vehicle is leaking somewhere else.

Other cooling system repairs that might be required by your vehicle include:

  • Bad hoses
  • Failed water pump
  • Stuck thermostat
  • Leaking radiator
  • Clogged radiator
  • Heater hose leaks
  • Cooling system hose leaks
  • Heater core leaks (The heater core is not directly related to the cooling system except for the heater hoses that carry hot water to the heater core for the heating system.)
  • Fans not working properly or at all
  • Coolant temperature sensor failure
  • Coolant temperature sender failure
  • Head gasket failure (The head gasket is not directly related to the cooling system. However, a failed head gasket allows coolant to leak into the oil or engine exhaust into the cooling system, depending on which cylinder the head gasket failed.)


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